XNA Indie Game Project

My friend (Pizzabroetchen) and me are creating a 2D Scroll Shooter XNA Game. The Manga figure talking is made by my sister and me. Currently we implemented a PoC of most of the features and soon we only have to merge and make everything more beautiful, because we are just using dummy pictures at the moment.

To show you what we are workin’ on and that I am still alive I will post some pictues. Remember these are just PoC and not the end result, because we are missing alot of images and so on.

I don’t want to spoiler too much so screens for you:

Pizzabroetchen and me started alot of Game Engines, Games, PoC and so on, but this we want to finish. Just some smaller features are missing than we are creating Content (Levels and Bosses and so on, interfaces are already there). We need to add some more effects and images alot of images. Since we got no xna creators club membership at the moment, the gamertag is always GamerTag at the Highscore, we can’t read the real GamerTag without that membership. Soon we will get the membership to test on Xbox360 too.

Stay tuned


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